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Covid-19 Polices


Allie is officially vaccinated, yay!

Updated & Reviewed: 05/27/2021

Hey babe,

With Coronavirus still being a threat to our community, I wanted to reassure you that I am taking every precaution to ensure your safety and health. I know things are super stressful and emotional because it's got me all up in my feels too! My hope is you'll have a bit less stress and worry after reading through my policies because they are directly made to protect you, your family, us and the community. I hope that you understand that these policies and choices are well thought out to be fair to you and an attempt to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and keep my business afloat during this pandemic because as I am sure you are aware, this is not going away any time soon.

My policies:


  • If your wedding has to be rescheduled due to government mandates or restrictions, you may reschedule without penalty. Meaning: as long as I am available for your new date, no rescheduling fees will be applied and your original retainer will be transferred to a new date! If I am not available for your new preferred date, let's try and sync our calendars to a new date, otherwise it will result in a cancellation to which fees may apply.

  • If you are rescheduling to 2022, please understand that a price increase will be applied to your grand total to reflect any new year price changes.

  • All of the above are applied to first reschedules only. If a second reschedule may occur, a new retainer will be required.


  • If you plan to elope and cancel services, I will not be able to accommodate a retainer refund.

  • If you plan to elope and downsize your service requests or change it to just you, I will be able to accommodate this as long as you are able to be flexible for your getting ready time. I may have to schedule you around a full size wedding, but I'll get you taken care of!


  • If you decide to cancel your wedding all together, the retainer will not be refunded unless it is due to last minute unforeseen circumstances such as: the couple being infected by Covid-19.

I am of course reasonable and understand not every situation may fall into these specific scenarios, so if you must make changes to your wedding, please reach out and we will discuss a personalized solution for you! These are my general rules and are used to guide me through every situation which I handle each on a case by case basis.

Sanitation & Cleanliness

I have always been very thorough in my cleaning process and to be honest, not much has changed within my sanitation practices because your health has always been my top priority! But, there are still a few things that are new and I figured I'd also give you a look into my sanitation practices for ease of mind.


  • After each event, I remove all items from my kit, wipe down and spray every crevice of my case with Clorox wipes and Barbicide (medical grade disinfectant) spray and left to dry. This is done while wearing a mask and gloves.

  • Before I add any items back into my kit I wash and deep clean all brushes and wipe down their organizing containers as well. Every product and tool is wiped down with either Clorox wipes or sprayed with Barbicide as well before placed back into my case.

  • Any pressed powders (such as eyeshadows) are sprayed with 70% isopropyl alcohol then wiped down with a Clorox wipe and left to dry before returning to my case.


  • Upon arrival to your event my team and I will be wearing masks and will use Clorox wipes to sanitize our workspace before setting up. Everyone will be asked a few questions about their contact with Covid-19 before your services begin. A temperature will also be taken of each individual. If anyone has a fever or shows any other symptoms of Covid-19, services will be denied, no refunds will be made, and my team and I will reserve the right to leave without completion of services.

  • Before we work on any clients, we wash our hands and/or use sanitizer and repeat between clients.

  • Disposables and brush sets are packed individually in advance to prevent cross contamination and disposed of immediately or cleaned after use. Nothing is reused from one client to the next unless fully disinfected or a new disposable.

  • I work with products off a stainless steel palette and scoop the products with a stainless steel spatula to prevent product contamination. Nothing touches my skin or is applied with my fingers. I do not double dip once something has touched your skin or my own to keep my kit sanitary for future use!

  • Between each client, I will reset my space and disinfect.

You + Your Party's Responsibility!!


  • I ask that you and your party wear a mask whenever possible during our scheduled time together especially during services, if unvaccinated or when in close proximity of me, my team or kit. I will wear one at all times for you as well although I am vaccinated! It is completely understood that you may not want to wear a mask after makeup applications, and I do not ask this of you - only that you keep your distance from our work stations.

  • I require that you remain 6ft away from our work area when not being serviced and that you wait to be called upon before sitting in my chair - this helps keep my kit sanitary and usable for future events!

  • You must inform any vendors that will be in my or my team's working space to wear a mask. This keeps our kits sanitary and usable! If photographers or videographers are not wearing masks around our kit and working space, they will be asked to wear a mask (we can provide a disposable one) or they will be asked to keep 6ft from our space.

  • It is your responsibility to make sure people in the room and around our space are practicing social distancing and wearing masks.

  • All couples are required to sign a Covid-19 waiver prior to any services.


All these things help protect me and my family, my team and their families, you and your friends/family, future clients and our community. If we all work together, we can handle this and protect our loved ones! I will do everything in my power to maintain the health of my clients and loved ones and all I ask is that you do the same in return. 

If you have any questions about my sanitation practices, my policies or questions about your wedding being rescheduled, canceled or needing service adjustments, etc... email me! I'm here to answer all your questions and ease concerns!


This is still a wild time for all of us, but I think we're getting a handle on our new normal. ;)

 Allie, xo

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